Move Well. Move Often. And Your Purpose Will Move You.
One Patient, One Physical Therapist. We come to you.


Welcome to
At Home Therapy of Crystal Coast

Here at At Home Therapy of Crystal Coast, we know how important it is to move. 

Walk. Run. Bike. Dance. Move.

No matter your age, injury or current fitness level. 

So, we come to you. At home. Your office. The local pool or gym. Or the bike path. 

We’re mobile to get you moving. 

This mobile integrative approach with a Doctor of Physical Therapy starts with a detailed evaluation/assessment. From there, together we develop an individualized treatment plan to help you reach your movement goals. 

• Move without pain.
• Speed healing.
• Recover from an injury.
• Reduce the risk of stress-related injury.
• Minimize the effects of chronic disease, such as Parkinson’s.
• Maximize fitness and athletic performance. 

The focus of your physical therapy is your movement goals. Your individualized plan makes sure you have the time, space and tools to keep up with your physical therapy and exercises. 

That’s why we are mobile. If there is no space for you to perform specific exercises at home, we develop alternatives. When your mobility is impaired, you don’t need to find transportation. Locations like the pool, gym or the bike path here on the Crystal Coast allow for specific coaching, only available from a Doctor of Physical Therapy. 

It all begins with a thorough assessment. 

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Self-Referrals and Insurance Options

  • Physician Referrals
    At Home Therapy of Crystal Coast is a Medicare Part B provider. We accept most Medicare Advantage Plans, Railroad Medicare, and BCBS. With Medicare Part B, you are not required to be homebound to receive benefits.

    At Home Therapy of Crystal Coast works closely with primary care physicians, orthopedic surgeons, regenerative medicine specialists and other providers.
  • Self-Referrals
    Your treatment is your choice. We welcome referrals from other medical providers, but pre-approval from other medical providers is not required. You personally receive all the necessary paperwork directly from At Home Therapy of Crystal Coast for any insurance company submissions. Some services are covered under insurance plans, flexible spending accounts, or health savings accounts.

    Talk to Joshua about a discounted membership option if you are self-funding.