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Bike Fitting

What is a bike fit?

It is a detail assessment using video analysis and your cycling goals to fit your body’s geometry to your bike’s geometry.

We assess all three contact points (feet, hands, and the saddle). It is our job to help you articulate what you are feeling at all three points and adjust them to your goals and how you feel.


Why choose At Home Therapy?

Joshua Stoufflet is not just a certified Bike Fitter; he is also a Physical Therapist certified in clinical orthopedics. Identifying key markers of why you are having discomfort, pain, or weakness is what he does every day.


When should you get a bike fit?

Aging – You’re are not getting slower because of age; it is because your body has changed, and your current fit is no longer efficient for the bike.

Injury – Post-cycling injury, other injuries, or surgery affect your mechanics which affect how much you enjoy the ride. Adjusting your bike post-injury can drastically affect your recovery time.  

Post-Partum – Giving birth is a beautiful gift; however, it will definitely change your position on the saddle. It can be hard to get comfortable on the saddle at first. Getting a bike fit can guide you to getting comfortable on the saddle quicker, which will provide an additional way for your pelvic floor and torso to regain their prior strength.

Bike discomfort – Other issues such as twitchy handling, numb hands, penile numbness, back of the leg pain, neck pain, and/or stubborn pain that lasts once you get off the bike can be improved with both a proper bike fit as well as Physical Therapy.


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