» What is TeleHealth?


What is TeleHealth?

What is TeleHealth and is it for me?

Telehealth is the ability to meet with your Physical Therapist in real-time while maintaining HIPAA compliance over high-resolution video and audio. You consult with your Physical Therapist from your location, so you do not need to make a trip to the office. This allows you not to waste time waiting in the reception area and limit your exposure to others. Through TeleHealth, we are able monitor your vitals, share images, scans, and studies on the screen, and more, all during a video-conference from your home or office.

TeleHealth Benefits with Physical Therapy

TeleHealth gives the patient the ability to meet their treatment goals to get the care they need on demand without the commute to an office or exposure to the outside world. TeleHealth gives the patient a greater freedom to schedule appointments to meet their own specific schedule. The ease of TeleHealth also allows the patient living in a rural or far-away location to get quality care right at home. Finally, many patients formerly limited to physical therapy sessions in a hospital or clinical atmosphere can be managed from home, where they are more comfortable.

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