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How can At Home Therapy assist you with Parkinson’s?

We are credentialed with LSVT Global to provide their proven LSVT BIG and LOUD program.

How did LSVT begin?

LSVT began with Mrs. Lee Silverman, a woman with advanced PD. When Dr. Lorraine Ramig, the inventor of LSVT, met her in 1987, her family’s main wish was that they could just hear and understand her. It was at the future Lee Silverman Center for Parkinson’s disease in Scottsdale, AZ that Dr. Ramig developed and studied the initial protocol for the speech treatment known today as LSVT LOUD.  This speech treatment is the basis for the LSVT BIG physical/occupational therapy protocol.


What are we Training?

Many different systems are activated, and improvements are seen across many systems. Significant improvements have been noted in areas such as facial expression, articulation, respiratory kinematics, swallowing, neural functioning as measured by positron emission tomography (PET), and more.


What are we Teaching?

We are teaching you how to target normal speaking volume and gait speed, how to stay within that target mode, and to recalibrate so you do it all the time. It is important to note that we are always training healthy vocal loudness and gait that is within normal limits. We are NOT teaching you to talk too LOUD or walk too BIG.  It feels too loud and big to you, but others perceive it as normal speaking volume and walking speed.


Pre-Treatment Cycle

There is a reduced drive from the brain resulting in reduced amplitude of motor output. This results in slow, small movements.  When you have PD, you do not recognize movements that are small and slow (or the extent to which they are small and slow), therefore, you continue to walk slowly with small steps.


Post Cycle

LSVT BIG and LOUD will activate many systems by increasing amplitude of drive and motor output. This results in larger (and often faster) movements.  You will re-train your ability to recognize that larger movements are not “too BIG,” but rather within your normal limits.  At the end of therapy, you will create greater output resulting in increased drive and movements.


Find more about LSVT LOAD and BIG programs by contacting At Home Therapy of Crystal Coast or by visiting the LSVT website.


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